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Retail Optimization

Times when your stores were just sales outlets are way passed us. Modern stores are logistic-, service-, and experience hubs. New systems and processes have arrived and while that happened the responsibility for store associates shifted from moving boxes to moving customers, is their work and toolkit optimized to do so?

What is it?

A 3 week program dedicated to uncover the drivers and blockers of your physical store’s performance and craft a plan forward with both quick wins and long term projects to make them a winning touch point in the omnichannel journey.

In these three weeks we touch all aspects of what makes a store successful. Operational excellence, employee and customer experience, in store communication and off course sales.

“Every store in the world can take performance leaps if you focus on the things that matter for customers and employees”

Tim Gielen

What can you expect from us

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We’ll make your project a success by engaging key stakeholders and users such as store employees and customers early in the process.

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Our methodologies aim for speeding up processes. Fast decision making, reducing unnecessary deliberations and testing early.

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You won’t end up with just a slide deck. You’ll end up with the key information you need to make your project a reality in the shortest time possible.

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Expect the unexpected.

Let’s talk deliverables

Yes, we know you need more than slide decks to make things happen.


In-store Insights Report

A structured report that uncovers any current flaw of your existing store concept on operational, communicative, experiential and cultural aspect for the business, store employees and customers.


All the deliverables from Empathize +

In-store Improvement plan

Both quick wins and more long term innovative solutions which address current flaws are brought together with best practices on local store level in a plan that includes immediate measures to boost performance and improve customer and employee experience. It also contains a transformation map for the more long term solutions and projects.


All the deliverables from Empathize + Define +

Embrace the change program

A change enablement plan so the results of the project are long term rather then short term.

Longer term and bigger projects are scoped in project charters and budgeted high level so you can take them into account when working on future strategies and budgets.

How we work


Expert Interview

We’ll interview key stakeholders whose KPI’s are impacted by what happens on store level.

Field Interviews

We’ll visit three of your stores with various levels of meeting up to standards and interview all employees from manager to trainee.

We’ll observe customer interactions, interview customers after those interactions and uncover where the mismatch between the job to be done for the customer, the employee and the desired result for the business occurs.

In-store communication scan

We’ll asses the stores communication against our POS Communication framework.

Omnichannel scan

We’ll assess how well your store is integrated into the omnichannel customer journey.

In-store operations scan

We’ll spot for flaws and opportunities in the store’s operational work.


Expert Insight sessions

We’ll bring the insights back to the business and discuss our first findings and advice for improvement with key stakeholders and decide on the different priorities we give to the challenge at hand.

Innovation workshop

With clear priorities in mind we organise a day long workshop where we come up with innovative ideas and solutions for the challenges at hand.

Reality check interviews

We conduct new interviews with stakeholders impacted by the new processes, solutions or technology we advice. With their insights we can create a transformation map with a realistic timeline and an honest view on the internal and external efforts needed to make the changes possible.


Ambassador change amplification

Store employees are more likely to adapt to new standards or procedures when their peers encourage them too. We’ll search and find ambassadors for the changes and give them the tools and opportunities to amplify the change. More concrete we’ll train them to shoot and create video with their smartphones and have them tell the stories, brief the process changes, and clarify the why behind them in a snackable and engaging way.

Optional Services

We can scope the longer term bigger projects, run design sprints on them, pour them into project charters with workstreams and milestones, write functional requirements and vendor briefings, help you find vendors or even take the product ownership for you. Whatever your needs are to make it happen, we’ve got you covered.

What do we expect from you?

The courage to think different

Involving store employees in strategic exercises might seem counterintuïtive. We promise you it’s extremely valuable to do so.

Short communication loops

The project team will be informed in quick feed like updates over Whatsapp or any other mobile tool you prefer. The updates will be both on progress and decisions to be made. If you move quick we can do too.


One person will have the mandate to make decisions when the group is stuck. It sounds authoritarian but trust us, it’s not.


We commit on budget and outcome. The process however is not set in stone, we’ll skip steps if we need to and build in new ones if we must.

The will to make a success of this project.

We’re all in, always, if you are too we’re in for an amazing ride.


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Want to know if we could be the partner you looking for?
Every good partnership starts with a good conversation,
human to human.

Let’s talk.

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