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Employee Engagement

31% of all store associates are actively disengaged. Actively disengaged store employees are reason number one why your stores are not performing as they could and why your employee turnover rate is what it is. Luckily, most of the challenges that cause your employees to be actively disengaged can be solved. We know how.

What is it?

A program designed to maximize frontline worker engagement, permanently. We’ll help you uncover engagement drivers, blockers and craft your path to a more happy, productive and engaged workforce that will ultimately lead to better performing stores.

Our name is Wave of Engagement for a reason, we believe an engaged workforce is the single most important asset you need to win the new retail reality.

“If you want your employees to be engaged, start to engage them.”

Tim Gielen

What can you expect from us

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We’ll make your project a success by engaging key stakeholders and users such as store employees and customers early in the process.

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Our methodologies aim for speeding up processes. Fast decision making, reducing unnecessary deliberations and testing early.

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You won’t end up with just a slide deck. You’ll end up with the key information you need to make your project a reality in the shortest time possible.

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Expect the unexpected.

Let’s talk deliverables

Yes, we know you need more than slide decks to make things happen.


State Of Engagement Report

A report that will give you an independent quantitative and qualitative view on the current state of engagement and the level to which employees would advise you as an employer to their peers.


All the deliverables from Empathize +

Engagement Enablement Plan

Throughout the report, we’ve uncovered drivers, blockers and opportunities to lift the engagement to new heights. Those insights are translated into a step by step plan covering and prioritizing the individual projects.


All the deliverables from Empathize + Define +

Custom Support

You can either choose to organize the individual projects on your own time and resources or let us take the driver seat and manage the program for you.  Alternatively, we can coach your teams to lead the projects.

How we work

Step 1 | Empathize

What’s the current level of engagement at your stores? You’ll find out pretty soon. We’ll help you measure store level company wide engagement through employee-net promoter score and go out in the field to talk with the outliers in the data to uncover both drivers and blockers for engagement.

Step 2 | Define

Our initial research is translated into an actionable report with honest insights, quick wins and more longer term projects that will enable the growth of employee engagement. The projects are pre-assessed in terms of expected impact on engagement and expected effort in terms of time & budget.

Step 3 | Enable

Depending on your specific needs we can help you move from report to execution. Whether it’s redesigning the onboarding process, onboarding a tool, coming up with new solutions through design sprints,  mapping transformation & change efforts or even managing them, we’ve got your back.

What do we expect from you?

The courage to think different

Involving store employees in strategic exercises might seem counterintuïtive. We promise you it’s extremely valuable to do so.

Short communication loops

The project team will be informed in quick feed like updates over Whatsapp or any other mobile tool you prefer. The updates will be both on progress and decisions to be made. If you move quick we can do too.


One person will have the mandate to make decisions when the group is stuck. It sounds authoritarian but trust us, it’s not.


We commit on budget and outcome. The process however is not set in stone, we’ll skip steps if we need to and build in new ones if we must.

The will to make a success of this project.

We’re all in, always, if you are too we’re in for an amazing ride.


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Want to know if we could be the partner you looking for?
Every good partnership starts with a good conversation,
human to human.

Let’s talk.

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