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We’re a service company, enabling you to de-risk and speed up your innovation process.

We don’t build stores nor do we build technology.

We do build teams to co-create them. We help you ideate, test and validate and than enable the organization to move from validated idea to successful implementation on time and on budget.

So no open ended brainstorms but actionable plans forward in the form of project charters, process maps, detailed store lay-out and blueprints, high fidelity prototypes, vendor briefings functional requirements and change implementation plans.

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“Retail is changing faster than ever before, now is the time to try amazing things.”

– Tim Gielen

Store Concept &
Service Design

“Do you want your next generation concept to be a revolution rather than an evolution ?”

We help you envision, design, test & validate your future store concept in story, interior, technology, culture & proces in co-creation with those who will shop in it and those who will work in it.

Experience Optimization

“Is one or are many of your existing stores struggling to meet objectives ?”

Some will say it’s because of the location, while others will say it’s because of the disengaged team. We’re neutral, here to help you uncover the root cause of the problem and implement quick win tactics that will optimize in-store experience for both customers and employees and help your store(s) get back on track.

Employee Engagement

“Are you searching for ways to drive employee engagement ?”

We help you assess the current state of engagement, uncover the drivers & blockers for engagement and co-create a strategy and measurable, actionable plan that aims for maximum employee engagement.

Retail Digitization

“Are you trying to understand how digital innovations can enable your organisation to thrive in your market ?”

Technologies and hypes come and go. We help you separate the enablers from the distractors. Together we design relevant use cases for the technology making sure they bring value to the business, are used and loved by the users and feasible to implement.

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