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We are wavemakers

We’re ever curious, creative and positive souls. In love with technology, not for what it is, but for what it can enable.

We’re not waiting for the world to change, we’re changing it.

Dream and do!

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Tim Gielen

Founding Partner

Tim is on a mission to make stores a better place for those who work in it and those who shop in it.  His 12 years in physical and digital retail experience management combined with his passion for technology as an enabler gives him the wings Wave of Engagement needs to grow as a company that you want to work for and work with.

nele bruers headshot retail innovation

Nele Bruers

Founding Partner

Nele safeguards our goal to have the voice of the customer as guiding light in everything we do.  She is an entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience in digital retail communication & creative technology projects.  Nele carries the Wave DNA of positivity and creativity unlike any other and guides our brand to esthetic & substantive heights.

kristof drossaert headshot team retail

Kristof Drossaert

Digital lead

Kristof  is the digital enabler of our full potential.  He’s a seasoned digital strategist and operator, an experienced data driven marketeer and DPO who believes digital strategy can never be considered to be a side project.  It should be at the heart of the company, and engaging all teams and stakeholders in the design process is the key to success.  His  can do attitude is contagious and will set a mark on our common journey changing retail as we know it into retail as we need it.

jeroen buys headshot retail innovation

Jeroen Buys

Employee Journey | Company Culture

Jeroen is our HR innovation muscle, passionate about people and their talents. Extremely passionate. A store of the future requires you to rethink the role of the associate, define their DNA and core competencies. Jeroen is your guide in your quest to understand who your ideal candidate is, attract those who fit the profile, and make their journey with you such an unforgettable experience that they become ambassadors for life. Whether or not you hire them.

ruben broodcoorens headshot retail innovation

Ruben Broodcoorens

Digital Storyteller

Ruben is the creative energy that supercharges our mission. He’s been around since the inception of our story and celebrates his passion for social media, music, video and human centered innovation by creating and sharing  kick-ass digital content with our community.

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Join the wave

Join the wave. Currently we don’t have any open positions. However, we’re always on the look-out for talent with a passion for human-centred design in the field of UX, change management, strategy-, concept- or service design.

If you want to introduce yourself and tell us your story, do reach out to hello@waveofengagement.com or contact tim at 0032 496 62 86 61.

guillaume van moerkercke headshot retail innovation

Guillaume Van Moerkercke

Interior Designer

sarah keppens headshot retail innovation

Sarah Keppens

Customer Experience

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“Trust can not exist without

Our story

Tim Gielen – that’s me – and Nele Bruers were once colleagues working for the digital retail experience company Dobit.  One day we had an epiphany. A striking realization that changed the course of our careers and turned us from colleagues into business partners.

What happened you ask?

Let me give you some context.

I’m a former retailer turned technologist that left retail after 12 beautiful years managing online & offline stores. I left because I saw an opportunity in the digital capabilities of Dobit to translate my ideas for the store of the future into tangible concepts powering my personal mission to change retail as we know it, into retail as we need it.

Stores that are better places for those who work in it and those who shop in it than they are today.

Nele learned me to design digital solutions around human needs.

Start with the people, their issues, and work your way back to the solution.

One day we were discussing a failed project. We realised that we abandoned our own belief. We had built a solution for a problem that didn’t exist and neglected to involve the key-users in the design process, because the client asked us to do so and we loved the technological idea.

clothes hangers rack t-shirt retail innovation

We promised ourselves that this would never happen again, ever, and started working on a human centered design framework that would allow us to empathize deeply with the users, prototype test and validate before anything would be build. From now on we would always engage users in the design process.

interior table book shelves cabinet wall retail innovation

As the framework evolved, and successful projects followed, the realization grew it could be applied to not only digital solution design, but also concept design, process design and finally engagement strategy design.

Tim proposed to start a new business unit to further develop the method and help retailers beyond their mere digital in-store worries. Nele consulted with the Dobit management team who believed in the method and our intentions, however not within the walls and boundaries of the company.

They believed we needed speed and freedom to grow and scale our method to success.

We agreed to start a new business,together. An entrepreneurial spin-off, independently working from the mothership.

The deal? They’re our investors holding 75% of our shares, on the short term they are counting on intellectual inspiration learning from our experiments with company culture, service driven business models, purpose driven commerce and agile process design.

On the long term they are betting on a market acceleration within digital interactive experiences due to successful projects that we designed for them and their competitors and a profound understanding of the experience and service economy so they can reinvent their own core business. Talk about long term thinking.

Exactly that kind of thinking convinced me to partner with them on this journey.
I hope to meet you along the way.

Tim Gielen
Chief Retail Wavemaker

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